FESJC Jr. Course Reporter: Day 4

Day 4 At TPC Southwind:  The Fun Begins

June 6, 2013

By: Glenn Hill II

MEMPHIS, TN- Up to this point at TPC Southwind all of the players had been making their final preparations to be in tournament form.  That is, to be prepared for what this relentless golf course will have to offer during round 1.

Calm winds, mild, yet humid, temperatures, and an early tee time would seem to be perfect conditions for round 1 play.  But this is TPC Southwind.  There is a reason the low round for the day was only 66.

“There are very tight lies...very grainy and very sandy” is how Phil Mickelson describes the fringe and fairway areas around the greens.  When he finds himself in these areas next round he says, “You should just putt it.  That’s what I should do, and will do.”  

This short and tightly nit zoysia grass appeared to be the biggest reason for Mickelson’s opening round 71 here at TPC.  Phil appeared to have some difficulty with short chip and pitch shots around the greens, but did not have the same mastery of these difficult shots like we have seen in the past.  Adjusting to the short game shots here seemed to be Mickelson’s biggest foe today; however, the rest of his game looks to be in great shape.  

“I’m really striking the ball well...I feel like there’s a good round in me.”  Only time will tell if Phil’s prediction is correct.  Mickelson will have to post a good round tomorrow to secure his spot in the weekend.  

Tennessee native Scott Stallings posted a nice round of 67 this afternoon.  Stallings’ biggest reason for today’s success was waiting for the right opportunities to attack.

“You know...I stayed patient.”  Wise words coming from someone who realizes the penalty for getting out ahead of yourself at TPC Southwind.  “The moment you try to sneak one in,[on the course] it’ll bite you.”  

Co-leader at 4 under Nathan Green knew how to play his cards today.  A solid round of 66 finds him atop the leader board after day 1 action.  He describes the short game shots on these very tight lies at TPC Southwind:  “It’s probably the toughest thing out here.”  

Throughout the wonderful golf that has been played today, I have noticed that short game play has been a common theme amongst the players.  I believe that whoever can play these tight lies on short game shots the best this week will walk away with the trophy.  We will just have to wait and see how everything pans out this week.


Glenn Hill II, a senior, is an exceptional student and talented musician at Harding Academy. He holds a 4.05 weighted grade point average and scored 28 on the ACT. He currently ranks fifth in the senior class. He has been selected for the All West Senior High Band, Orchestra and Junior Band. He also was 1st Chair in the University of Memphis Honor Blue Band (top band). He has been an orchestra member in two school musicals and was selected for All Southwest Chorus as a Tenor 2. An integral member of the school’s senior wind ensemble, jazz band and orchestra, Glenn is also the principal trombonist in the MemphisYouth Symphony. As a trombonist he has received many awards including junior band award as a freshman and the Barry Lumpkin Outstanding Musician Award as a junior. Last summer he was the recipient of the Summer Trombone Scholarship at the Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts held at MTSU. Glenn is an extraordinary role model for younger students. He is vice-president of the senior wind ensemble and takes this leadership role seriously. He makes a positive impact daily and has the respect of his peers.