Yardage Book

Par Yardage Book | Birdie Level | Eagle Level

Par Level

Par Level Golf Skills you will learn:
How to hold a club
How to stand when preparing to swing
How to swing the golf club
How to putt
What golf club to use for a shot
How to play quickly and safely
Some basic rules of the game
How to behave on the golf course

Par Level Life Skills you will learn:
How to introduce yourself
Why rules and respect are important in golf and in life
How to get more fun out of learning something new
What to do when you get angry or frustrated
The Looks Right Par scoring system

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Birdie Level

Birdie Level Golf Skills you will learn:
Advanced putting and short game skills
How to improve your full swing
Whether to putt, chip, or pitch from off the green
What clubs to use to chip or pitch the ball
The difference between “carry” and "total" distance
How to read “breaks" in the green
How to mark your ball when you lift it on the green
More golf etiquette and rules
How to get around the course quickly

Birdie Level Life Skills you will learn:
Why we all need dreams and goals for golf and in life
The difference between dreams and reachable goals
Four guidelines for stating your goals
How a “goal ladder” can help you reach your goals
What to do when you have trouble reaching your goals

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Eagle Level

Eagle Level Golf Skills you will learn:
How to warm up before practicing or playing
How to get the most out of practice sessions
How to self-check your swing fundamentals
How to be more accurate with irons and woods
How to use strategy on the golf course


Eagle Level Life Skills you will learn:
How staying well helps you play better golf
How to build and get help from a Go-To-Team
What diversity means and why it’s important
How to settle conflicts in a positive way
How you benefit from helping others
How to look for a career that’s right for you

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